What Other Mothers Have Said:

“From the moment Nadah showed up, her calm filled the space and made us feel at ease. Her soft words of encouragement and thoughtful touch changed the way I experienced my contractions and her wisdom and presence were a comfort to my husband when things seemed scary. It was a blessing to share our birth with her!”

“Nadah skillfully conjured the Wise Woman within me, supported my partner’s process, and brought a loving awareness to the birth of our child. I cannot sing her praises enough.”

“With each contraction, Nadah’s warm, skillful hands touched the exact pressure point to ease my pain and sooth my worries. Her wisdom and wealth of experience were a gift — from pre-natal massage through contractions to birth. My daughter is 8 years old and even now I’m glad she was there for us.”

And what about Dad's:

“I was nervous about how to support my wife through labor. And I'd never even heard the term “doula.” But Nadah’s presence was such a huge gift to us both. The doctors and nurses were there to make sure all the clinical stuff went right. Nadah was there to help us tap into the wonder of what happened that day and to give a kind of comfort and peace that no drug could provide. And she gave me the freedom to focus on and support my wife. I can't thank her enough.